Telemecanique Magelis HMI to AB PLC 5 on DH+

I would like pricing and more information on the GW1000-ABEIP. I have an application where I want to connect a Telemecanique Magelis HMI and a PC running custom software using ethernet to a Allen Bradley PLC5 on DH+. How does the GW1000ABEIP route to the specific DH+ nodes?  Is this configurable?  Do I use CIP at the HMI end? Does it happen automatically based on IP address?

Thanks for your inquiry. The GW1000-ABEIP will work great in your application allowing the Telemenanique HMI via Ethernet/IP protocol communicate with your PLCs via DH+.  Other driver options include AB Ethernet or ModTCP protocol.  Configuration is done via Telnet or Web Screens in which you would choose a unique DH+ node address.

Laptop on Ethernet for PLC programming with PLC 5/15

Can I use the my laptop computer Ethernet with the DataLink GW1000DHP1 for programming PLC 5/15 with DH+ communication?

Thanks for your inquiry. The GW1000-DHP1 uses serial or USB to DH+.  The GW1000-ABEIP is your recommended solution using the AB Ethernet to program/message your PLC 5 on DH+ network.  Please order online.  You can have multiple RSLINX workstations accessing the DH+ network.


We have two physically separate Allen Bradley DH+ networks.  Our Ethernet network (LAN) is geographically common to both DH+ networks.  We are looking for a solution that will allow both DH+ networks to serve a single SCADA system (RSView ME with RSLinx Enterprise) plus simultaneously permit technicians to access the network devices with programming equipment (RS Logix 500) from a remote location within the LAN. From the information obtained from your website, a GW1000ABEIP for each network would appear to provide that solution.  Do you see any problems or limitations? 

Thanks for your inquiry. The GW1000-ABEIP is your recommended solution allowing RSLINX AB Ethernet driver to program/message all your nodes on a single DH+ network.  You will 1 per DH+ network. Please see quote and ordering details below.   The GW1000-ABEIP is our older platform which uses a tunneled DF1 driver over Ethernet.

My 1784-PKTX doesn’t fit in my new computer and looking at other options besides the 1784-U2DHP which is pricey.

My 1784-PKTX doesn’t fit in my new computer and looking at other options besides the 1784-U2DHP which is pricey.

The GW1000 multi-protocol platform may be a good alternative to the 1784-U2DHP, 1784-PKTX, 1784-PCMK or 1784-KTX. It lists at $1,250 and has both USB and 9 pin serial port.  It’s multi-protocol functionality will also allow you to switch to AB Ethernet driver in RSLINX for Remote programming or progamming between Legacy DH+/DH-485 protocols and new AB Ethernet PLCs (ie. SLC 5/05).

Why is the GW1000-DHP1 (DF1 to DH+) better than the 1784-U2DHP.

Why is the GW1000-DHP1 (DF1 to DH+) better than the 1784-U2DHP.

There are many of reasons:

  • Cost: $1,250 list.
  • Serial functionality: 9 pin or USB
  • Multi-protocol gateway: GW1000 can be converted from USB serial to RSLINX AB Ethernet for remote programming (upto 5 RSLINX workstations).
  • No COM ports: None required with the GW1000 which is setup via Web screens or Telnet
  • Legacy PLCs to Ethernet: GW1000-ABEIP can interface legacy DH+ / DH-485 PLC 5s, SLC 5/03s, SLC 5/04s, & Panelview to RSLINX AB Ethernet for remote programming or messaging with new SLC 5/05s, Compactlogix, Controllogix, Micrologix.

Economical option to the 1784-U2DHP

I am looking for a more economical option to the 1784-U2DHP?

The GW1000 multi-protocol platform lists at $1,250.00 and will allow you to program RSLINX via USB DF1 protocol (1770-KF2 driver) or AB Ethernet.

Benefits of GW1000 vs 1784-U2DHP

GW1000 interfaces to both DH+ and DH-485.
GW1000 will connect  via both Ethernet and serial DF1 protocol.
GW1000 will connect to 5 RSLINX workstations on Ethernet to DH+
GW1000 can easily convert to multiple protocols on DH+ or DH-485
GW1000 has either USB or 9 pin serial functionality.

Redundant SCADA server to DH+ PLCs

Q. 1. Will this device work as a common connection from redundant SCADA servers to DH+ PLCs (PLC5)? Both SCADA servers are on-line and poll simultaneously?
2. Will this device work with servers running MS Server 2008?
3. This device will be mounted within a server rack with 110 VAC only. Is there a power supply option to accommodate this?

1) Yes, up to 4 connections are supported
2) Please consult your software vendor for compatibility with MS server 2008.
3) We do not sell power supplies. Please source a 24 Volt DC power supply.
The GW1000 consumes approximately 100mA, so a power supply with a 500mA rating is plenty. The device ships with screw terminals for power supply connection. The GW1000 can also be powered by a USB port, however, we don’t recommend USB power for large DH+ networks. For maximum reliability, we recommend an external 24Volt DC power supply.

Controllogix to DH-485

Q. We have a customer wanting to connect PCs on Ethernet/IP (A-B) to SLCs on DH-485. Also to connect C-Logix on Ethernet/IP to SLCs on dh-485. I believe the DL-GW1000-ABEIP-DH-485 is the device?

A. Since DH485 is becoming less popular over the years, we have removed the circuitry required to support DH485 signal levels. The base unit will support Ethernet to DH+, serial to DH+, or ethernet to DH485 over the
RS232 port. The DH485 communication protocol is supported, but only over the RS232 port voltage levels. For those customers wishing to connect the GW1000 to a network of DH485 equipment, a 1761-NET-AIC
module will be required. Connect a serial D9 to D9 null-modem cable between the RS232 port on the GW1000 to the RS232 port on the 1761-NET-AIC. Connect the screw terminals of the 1761-NET-AIC to the DH485 equipment network.”

Q. Does this allow full access for PLCs, PCs etc from the ethernet/IP side to the DH-485 side?

A. Yes, the GW1000 can accept simultaneous connections over ethernet from PLC’s, and PCs, and convert to DH485 protocol over the RS232 D9 connector.
Please be sure to install a 1761-NET-AIC if you need to connect to a network of DH485 equipment.

RSLogix 500/RSLINX Download/Upload to SLC 5/04

Q.Will GW1000-ABEIP allow download/upload and online monitoring with RSLogix500/RSLinx to SLC 504 over Ethernet? Looks like it, but “sending data” is not always the same as programming software connection.

A. Yes, going online and programming a SLC 5/04 processor is a very common application for our GW1000-ABEIP. Please GW1000-ABEIP information